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From full fledged redesign of your company logo, to coming up with new and exciting ideas, branding is very important to any business. Logos are the first impression of your business and I create modern, chic, and elegant designs.


I love to illustrate anything I can think of. From digital illustration characters of friends and families, to watercolor and pen drawings, my creativity flows onto whatever surface I come into contact with.

Graphic Design

My ultimate passion is graphic design. I live it, I breathe it, and I put everything I have into designing something cool, something amazing, and something out of the box.


I am a vegetarian and I can cook just about anything and love doing so! I have a plethora of cookbooks and try to make something new every week, even if that includes using purple cauliflower or brocollini.

Lauren Chaloupka, Graphic Designer

Hi, I am Lauren Chaloupka...

I'm a graphic designer living in San Antonio, Texas.
I am a Designer at Texas Creative. Creating is not just a job for me, it's a passion.

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Logo Designs


Logo Portfolio

Each logo is hand crafted using Adobe Illustrator. Typically during the creation of logos for my clients, I come up with a wordlist, drawing out ideas in my sketchbook, until I find about 3-5 ideas that really stand out. From there, I begin "roughing" up the logo. Depending on the client, I can do as many as 20 revisions, changing typography here or move that to there. My goal is to create something that is timeless yet modern, with clean lines, with a professional feel.

Logo Designs

I really enjoy making logos. I feel that in creating a logo for a company, you are not just doing something that might be used for a few months at a time, often what happens with web and print design, but you are creating something that will last for years, if not forever. I put my everything into designing a logo and I am proud of every logo I have made in the past and look forward to all of my future designs.

NRDC Print Campaign

NRDC Campaign

College Work

This campaign was created in a team setting, for an art direction course while in college. Together, we created a campaign against dumping chemicals into public water systems for the NRDC with this abstract water art. Each poster depicts a danger symbol, the first being the radiation symbol, the second a caution sign, and the third, a skull. The goal was to at first, confuse the viewer but have them slowly reveal the image as they walk closer and read the copy at the bottom. Then they will realize that the water drops and splashes actually reveal danger. The posters were designed using Adobe Photoshop. Each water drop and splash were selected from royalty free stock photography, color corrected to blend with the other images, and then sized, rotated and transformed to create the intended image.

NRDC Print Campagin

This campaign was entered into the Creative Summit XXVI competition and won an award for Creative Excellence at Texas State University.

Child Legacy Rebrand

Child Legacy International


Child Legacy International was a client I worked with while working as a Web Designer in Boerne, TX. They were looking for a total rehaul of their brand. Working directly with the Vice President of Marketing, he wanted to convey a more friendly, open, and optimistic feeling when referring to the new logo.

I began by assessing the colors. We both decided that the brown and centered type was not working and went with a rounded, dark grey typeface, left aligned to the mark. Then, we looked at the colors of the drops. They were too childish, too bright, and didn't speak a professional voice. So I went though each color, toned down the hue, brought up the saturations and darkened the whole pallet. Then, I slowly and deliberately lined up all of the drops and fixed vector issues and created a much more balanced logo for the perfectionists.

Child Legacy Old Logo

Old Logo

Child Legacy New Logo

New Logo

Next, we began work on the website. My client wanted a clean, modern and sleek feeling for their new website. Mainly, we wanted to be approachable but professional in order to spread knowledge and collect donations to help keep the program funded. We kept it fun by including display typefaces and using the four colors for each part of the program while not overdoing it.

Child Legacy Website Redesign

The amazing photography I was presented with made designing for Child Legacy fun for me and my client. This made designing conference vinyl banners look very professional and modern while keeping with the new look and feel.

Child Legacy Conference Banners
Herblock Exhibition Book
Herblock Exhibition Book

College Work

This book was created entirely by myself while in college for my advanced typography course. We had to not only design the layout, kern and lead the typography, and collect the photography from the Library of Congress, but we also had to print and bind the book ourselves. Extensive use of Adobe InDesign was used to create this book and I now know the ins and outs of InDesign because of this project. I entered this into a San Antonio Addy award and therefore, did not receive it back, so I no longer have a copy of this project in physical form.

Herblock Exhibition Book Herblock Exhibition Book Herblock Exhibition Book Herblock Exhibition Book Herblock Exhibition Book
HootUlular Education Materials

HootUlular Spanish Education Materials

College Work

This project was created for my senior portfolio course. I decided to showcase my illustration skills with this spanish flashcard and poster system. The flashcards came in the full spanish alphabet with fun, colorful, easy to understand illustrations of animals associated with the corresponding letter. I created the imaginary company HootUlular (Ulular in spanish translates to "Hoot". so the company was literally called HootHoot.) Each card was printed on recycled paper using soy inks making them eco-friendly and good for the environment. The poster was created to hang up in the teacher or parent's classroom or household to aid in the learning of the spanish alphabet.

HootUlular Education Materials
Fuel Market Mobile App Prototype

Fuel Market Mobile App

Prototype Design

I worked with a lot of major oil companies like Reeves Oil, Mission Petroleum, and Regal Oil. We knew there was a great need, from listening to our clients, for an app that would be used by truck drivers who are shipping oil. They would open the app, and they could view the history of gas stations gas, diesel and bio-diesel prices, and place orders for purchase of more fuel.

Fuel Market Mobile App Prototype
Illustrations by Lauren Chaloupka

Digital Illustrations

Freetime Hobby

In my free time, I like to sit back, turn on my graphics tablet or mouse, and start illustrating. I can do just about anything in illustrator and can draw characters, real or fake, animals and anything you can think of. I enjoy replicating photography or combining different elements to create a new and exciting character.

Illustrations by Lauren Chaloupka

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Intelligent, hard working, go-getter designer who strives to think out of the box to create unique and innovative designs.

Lauren Chaloupka

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